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Excel Formulae and Functions

Excel is used to store data and crunch numbers in all types of businesses and its power lies in its formulas and functions, which allow all sorts of data analysis, from simple sums to standard deviations. Mastering the calculation side of Excel will streamline how you work, saving you time and making you more efficient.

Intro to Excel Functions
Using Advanced Excel Functions

A picture is worth a 1000 words … Creating Charts

What can you do with a mass of numbers? If you present an audience with raw figures, people's eyes may glaze over. But if you present data visually—such as when you need to show how sales of your product have grown—then more people will follow your main points. One glimpse of a chart can save a lot of effort by concisely conveying the meaning of your data.

Creating Charts
Creating Dynamic Charts

Take the Work out of Worksheets

Whilst it may be tempting to leave worksheets in a simple format of columns and rows, once you accumulate large amounts of data then PivotTables can help you to quickly aggregate thousands, or tens of thousands, of records using simple drag-and-drop technology. Once created, PivotTables can be re-arranged in seconds to produce alternative analysis; one-click drill-down functionality gives instant access to underlying data plus you can expand and collapse the PivotTable as required.

Basic Pivot Tables
Advanced Pivot Tables

NEVER Do Something Twice

One of the main purposes of computers is to simplify and make our lives, and our jobs, easier. But what if we could simplify our use of the computer itself and alleviate tedious computer tasks? A macro is a way to automate a task that you perform repeatedly or on a regular basis and, whilst macro programming is generally considered an advanced topic, the basic concepts are not difficult to master.

Recording Simple Macros in Excel
Beyond the Macro Recorder

Linking workbooks and worksheets

Are you currently saving every Excel spreadsheet in a separate file? Do you struggle to create formulas that span multiple worksheets? Are you familiar with sharing workbooks with other users? If not, then join our hands-on workshop and discover how easy it is!


PowerPoint for Presenters

If you’ve dabbled with PowerPoint then this workshop will help you take your presentations to the next level with tips for navigating your presentation with the keyboard, mouse or remote device, ideas for designing powerful presentations, plus guidelines for the meaning and use of colours and using the recommended number of words per slide for maximum results.

PowerPoint, Word and Excel

Do you ever want to insert an Excel chart or Word document into your PowerPoint presentation? Do you want the chart to automatically update when changes are made to the Excel data? Have you ever wanted to put a graphic created in PowerPoint into your Word document? Then this is the workshop for you!


Mastering Mail Merge

Ever been frustrated trying to create mailing labels or form letters, or a customized email? This workshop explores the ways that Word can be used to create merged documents with data pulled from a variety of sources.

Working with Tables

Tables are an effective way to present ordered information in your Word documents. In this workshop, you will learn how to create and format tables, convert text into tables, modify tables, draw free-form tables for graphics and forms, sort tables, and use simple calculations in tables.

Working with Long Documents in Word

This workshop explores the best method for structuring long documents in Word and demonstrates how to reliably assemble long documents from multiple source files plus it highlights Word's advanced publishing features and automated functions.

Word Reviewing, Collaborating and Tracking Changes

Do you need to create and edit text documents with another person or with a group? Word comes equipped with a number of features that make the process easier, faster, smarter. Come and learn how to use these powerful features in this fast moving workshop.

Creating Posters and Handouts in Word

Word has a whole host of desktop publishing features that you can use to create eye-catching documents. Learn how to harness Word’s DTP power to give impact to your posters and handouts.

Agendas and Minutes in Word

This workshop is aimed at regular users of Word who have a need to create documentation for meetings such as agendas and minutes. It will concentrate on usability and improving layout using templates, tables and Word’s numbering commands.

Soft Skills

Simple telephone techniques

How customers are spoken to on the telephone can either enhance or damage a company's reputation. This very practical workshop is aimed at employees who communicate with customers or clients by phone. During the workshop we will cover three strategies for improving your communication techniques.

Making meetings matter

This workshop will show you how to generate more interaction, enthusiasm and commitment when running meetings. Looking at some core skills when planning, preparing and conducting meetings we can help you to stop wasting valuable time and hold meetings that matter to all. Delegates will examine the principles of a good agenda plus tips for getting your message across.

Managing your time effectively

Critical deadlines, competing priorities and an avalanche of e-mail often leave individuals feeling overwhelmed. Being able to set priorities and allocate time appropriately are critical skills for achieving your goals. Take control of your time and schedule, reduce your stress levels and increase your confidence with our Time Management workshop.

Reducing absence

Absence costs UK employers £12 billion per year. This affects business performance, customer satisfaction and employee motivation and is often a sign of wider business performance issues. Learn how to take a proactive approach to reduce both the cost and the impact of absence in the workplace.

Managing performance

This workshop will help participants develop some simple yet effective techniques to ensure staff achieve peak performance. It covers dealing with poor performers, enhancing the performance of those performing at a satisfactory level and developing the stars.

Writing effective reports

Creating easy-to-read documents with a good logical structure helps the reader understand and make decisions. This practical workshop will help delegates with planning a framework, structuring and ordering material plus tips for better presentation and layout.

Getting to grips with delegating

Effective delegation benefits everyone whether they are delegating or accepting delegated tasks. This session will look at the advantages to effective delegation from the viewpoint of the organisation, the person delegating and the person accepting delegation.

Interview skills

Would you like to be more effective when interviewing potential employees? If so, whether you are a first time interviewer or are looking to improve upon your existing interview skills, this is an ideal workshop to attend. With tips for attracting the right type of applicant to your organisation plus discussion on preparing for interviews and the structure they should take.


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